Various Finishes You Can Achieve From Texturing Drywall


Drywall texturing is becoming a very popular home decorating trend that is used to create whatever effect you want for any room in your house.  Once you install drywall, you will need to be sure to buy drywall tape for taping the corner areas of the walls.  Now you have a wall to work with for the texture finish you want in your room.

You will need mud (liquefied joint compound), mud bucket and/or drywall texture sprayer, drywall tape, water and paint.  Once you have your materials and know which textured finish you want, you are ready to get started.  Let’s cover some of the ways of texturing drywall that create various finishes.

Mud Swirl – The mud swirl is a classic elegant look that you see a lot on ceilings, but imagine what this would look like on a wall or even halfway up or down on a wall. You have likely seen the thicker mud swirl, but you can change the thickness by adding more water which makes the mud a thinner weight and will create a more subtle appearance for walls.

Orange Peel – This is a traditional ceiling look that can also be used on walls.  It is typically created by spraying a thin layer of mud on the wall.  As with any other drywall texture finish, this can be altered by changing the weight of the mud you use.

Knockdown – The knockdown look is one of the most common finishes used when texturing drywall.  This is mostly due to how easy it is to achieve and how much less time consuming it is to do.  It is accomplished by spraying mud directly on the drywall and using a trowel to “knock down” the mud.  This also has variations depending on the thickness of the mud used.

Faux finishes are popular as well, and many times are added to the paint prior to painting the drywall.  There are many different faux finishes you can achieve this way.  The biggest difference in texturing drywall prior to painting and adding the texture material to the paint is that you get a more dramatic look from adding the texture to the drywall first. 


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